We Did it!

Photo Galleries from
our marriage events in October in LA, Nepal and India

Wedding Pics

Leah and Matthew's wedding occurred on October 13, 2017 (Luck Friday) at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in Los Angeles. It was attended by a small group of family members. Thanks to Benjamin James at Empty Space Studio for providing the awesome photography in this slideshow. If you'd like a high resolution version of any of these images, , or hit him up on FB.

Wedding Reception Pics

Our wedding reception was held the next day on Saturday, October 14. It was at a great space called The Conduit. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to hold an party or event in LA. We were deeply honored to have about 150 of our best friends and family who came from all parts of the U.S. and some from other parts of the world to celebrate our love and life commitment to each other. We couldn't be happier with how the party turned out!

We found as many photos as we could, but if you were there and took pics that aren't in this gallery, please send them and he'll add them.

Photo Booth Pics

Here are all the pictures of all you crazy, beautiful people tearing the photo booth a new one!

Honeymoon Pics

On the very next day after the big party, we got on a plane to Kathmandu, Nepal. We spent a week between there and Pokhara — another beautiful Nepalese city). After that week flew by, we took a flight to Goa, and spent another week in that gorgeous coastal region in southern India. We again thank everyone who generously donated to our Honeymoon fund and made this once-in-a-lifetime adventure possible!